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Kelly and Shyla - Week 13

Shyla has had a fun week, first heading three hours north to feature in an advert for Isuzu Utes New Zealand. Alongside two of our other horses Shyla raced the D-Max down 90 Mile Beach and we had our first gallops – there are even photos with her with all four legs off the ground! She was remarkable considering she has only had 10 weeks of riding, and had just had over a week on holiday.

Since then I have ridden her bareback for two quiet rides, solely focusing on our lateral work. Her sidepass is developing well and she seems to have grasped the concept well both ridden and on the lead. Once this is consistent we can introduce additional work like leg yield and her turn on the haunches, but it’s less confusing if she masters one first.

Although she has only jumped three times, each time over only a couple of jumps, Shyla went to her first Show Hunter day today. The plan was to just do a few practice rounds, but she was super relaxed and unfazed by the environment and we did three rounds to 65cm which was super cute! We even had our first canter into jumps and Shyla is showing great rhythm and technique over the fences and is really honest. 

I am really proud of this little Brumby, even for me it’s hard to believe it’s been less than three months since she was untouched and totally wild; her attitude to life is so sweet and willing.


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