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Kelly and Shyla - Week 14

Shyla got a day off on Monday, then on Tuesday when I went to catch her she walked away from me for the first time since arriving in New Zealand! Normally she meets me at the gate so this was a real surprise. It still only took me about 30 seconds to catch her but it was so out of character I checked her over to see what was wrong with her. She was a little muscle sore from her jumping so I gave her some body work and another day off.

On Wednesday and Thursday a gorgeous little 10-year-old rode Shyla for her fifth time, jumping up to 80cm over a single fence and doing the obstacles which she does very well.

On Friday she had another fun beach ride, and on Saturday we did some more massage and body work with her and have been working on the beginnings of a turn on the haunches.

I am now away for five days in the South Island so she will be having a week off which is much deserved.



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