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Kelly and Shyla - Week 15

Shyla spent four days learning to lunge consistently on a soft contact while I was away in Christchurch at one of our Showtym Camps. Previously we have just ridden in a halter or on a loose rein, but feel it’s important she understands how to work on a contact so she is willing and responsive in all situations. After a few days off she went out for a fun farm ride yesterday and today she joined our show jumpers out on the Xcounty training. She started small navigating the jumps and was so confident and talented she quickly progressed through to the Training fences which were up to 95cm. Everything was on the buckle and in a calm, willing and relaxed fashion and she showed plenty of talent and confidently cantered into everything including banks and water.

Shyla has also mastered her laying down; dropping her dead to the ground and folding her legs gracefully beneath her within seconds of being asked. She is a super pony and is going to make her little rider very happy!



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