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Kelly and Shyla - Week 16

Shyla’s had four days off after Equidays, then worked on being braver riding out alone; she’s worked alone heaps of the arena or in the paddock, but it was her first time going out on the farm past lots of scary sheds etc; the first day she kept trying to turn back home when she got scared, and I had to hop off and lead her past the scariest shed. It surprised me as generally she is quite brave. The next two days we repeated the same ride as it was good to work through and give her confidence and today she was excellent. She has also been working on her turn on the haunches, roll backs and also a side pass which she is very good at – normally just a 5 minute run through before or after each ride – she’s pretty automatic now. I feel like she knows more than she needs to for Equitana so I will probably give her 3-4 days off a week until the challenge as I’m away most weekends competing on my show jumper.


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