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Kelly and Shyla - Week 21

Shyla has had a fantastic last week in New Zealand… swimming in the river, photoshoots with her little rider Nina, farm rides and a couple of schooling sessions on the arena to run thorugh everything she knows and is good at. It’s so easy to forget this Brumby used to be wild – she’s such a sweetheart and the kids have been handling and riding her safely for the past four months, just a few weeks out of the muster. I’m really proud of her journey to domestication and can only wish she was bigger so I could keep her as a show jumper – she certainly has the jump! I’m not quite ready to part with her though so have bought her back and Nina’s families are helping pay the flights… I’ll keep riding and training her as a demo horse and Nina is going to do ribbon days and Show Hunter on her which I’m really excited about. 


We’re going to keep things pretty simple for our freestyle since it’s the last day of a long and tiring weekend, and also on grass after being stabled, but Shyla can walk, trot and canter on a soft (but still inconsistent) contact, she can side pass over poles and obstacles, jump to 90cm, lay down, rein back, turn on the haunches, walk to canter, canter to halt, simple changes, trek on the buckle in large groups, swim in the river and ocean, carry and drag obstacles, navigate over and under a range of obstacles, leg yield, load on the truck and float, and is generally uncomplicated and a pleasure to ride and handle. The only problem I’m having is the picking up of the feet, every time I bend over to pick up a front leg she thinks it’s time to lay down and is on the ground within seconds of touching her leg… opps. 


Love this little pony and so glad that my time with her isn’t coming to an end… she’s booked on a flight back to New Zealand just a few days after Equitana!



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