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Kelly and Shyla - Week 3

I am loving every second with Shyla! I have never met a horse, wild or domestic, that is just so happy and willing. Just three weeks into our journey so far and this wild Brumby has had a pretty relaxed week consolidating everything she already knows and having three days left completely untouched – two days off after our big rides in Barmah, and then when we headed north to see where she used to run wild in the Snowy Mountains! 

Only two small rides this week, one in front of 30 people at a VBA Volunteer Day where she got to make lots of new friends and stood patiently for group photos and to be patted by lots of strangers.

Mostly we are building lots of trust and Shyla is becoming really affectionate and inquisitive. She always waits at the gate to be caught, seeks comfort and company when I’m around her, and every day I’m falling a little more in love with her. 

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