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Kelly and Shyla - Week 4

It’s been a huge week for Shyla but she has handled it with such grace and curiosity. This week she made the trip back to New Zealand, and as part of this had to be seen by multiple vets, have bloods taken, load in the dark, travel in a horse float… and of course load and stand patiently in a cargo box for the 3.5 hour flight home! She travelled like a pro, then loaded onto our horse truck like a champ before arriving back at our home property. 

To recover she went straight out in a huge paddock, with other horses, and she explored the river and native bush before settling down to graze. Next she was clipped (as it’s about 10 degrees hotter over here) and then covered for the first time – she handled it better than most domesticated ponies!

Two days later we took her to the beach with 15 other horses for my birthday ride (first time she had been ridden for six days) and she walk, trotted and cantered down the beach in a saddle and halter. Shyla is the ultimate fun allrounder… even jumping logs in the forest on our way home.

She’s settled into home life so well and is left in the paddock with four other horses and has no halter on. She always meets me to be caught and is really enjoying the adventures offered to her. Because it’s the middle of the school holidays we have about 20 kids here – and even more arriving next week – but we can trust Shyla around them all, the younger kids even take her out on the arena and lead her over obstacles, can catch and put her away, hold her to be covered and have her hooves picked out etc. She is going to make the most wonderful kids pony luckily as we just measured her and she is 13.2hh.

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