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Kelly and Shyla - Week 5

We had 30 kids over these holidays for our Showtym Camps and Shyla has been enjoying herself! As part of this we do an obstacle course and little Lucy, a 6-year-old, led Shyla through the Native Bush course, and then over, under and onto a range of obstacles on the arena. It’s amazing that a wild pony, after just a months training, can be trusted with a wild Brumby but she was an absolute dream attempting many new things including obstacles that I hadn’t previously led her through.

To keep on with the kid theme, I had one of our 11-year-old riders hop on her bareback in a halter on the arena, first on the lead, then confidently walking and trotting by herself. The next day I led out a trail ride with a camp rider and we explored off the beaten track making our way under low hanging branches, along steep tracks and over ditches. Shyla was perfect and a number of other riders joined us to ride along the river and through over small logs.

Since then she has been ridden by the 11-year-old twice as she is very reliable and I think it is important to childproof her; at about 13.2hh she is going to be ridden by children in the coming years and it’s a fabulous opportunity to give her the experience needed with children. Gaia rode her on the arena jumping to 40cm over an upright, then rode over a rocking bridge, before hoping on bareback and swimming her in the arena. Yesterday she also rode her bareback and had lots of fun.

Now that the holidays have come to an end I am riding Shyla again and am going to continue having fun with her, mostly farm and beach rides next week so she’s enjoying ridden life before the occasional schooling sessions begin… at the moment we’re just having fun and gaining life experience.


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