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Kelly and Shyla - Week 6

On Monday Shyla enjoyed a ride on the beach with lots of other horses, even jumping logs in the forest and swimming bareback in the ocean. She was an absolute dream and continues to impress me every day. Since she is so happy cantering out in a group I have since worked her in the arena twice and yesterday we had our first canters on the arena.

On Friday we had a photoshoot for Equidays, one of New Zealand's largest equine events (where our Brumbies will be showcased in October) and Shyla had to stand with the Australian flag, alongside two other horses also holding flags! To prepare her for this I played with a flag on the arena on Wednesday… but there was no training needed – she didn’t ,ind in the slightest! She is just so relaxed about life and has yet to put a foot wrong. For the photoshoot she was an absolute breeze, not minding three flags on a very windy day. She is quite the poster girl representing the Brumbies!

I am now heading to Australia for four days to photograph Brumbies in the wild and well as see the Brumby Rally on August 2nd. Shyla has come so far is such a short time so having a week off is perfect for her, especially after having her teeth done today! Our next aim is to mouth her so she can be ridden in a bit – we always wait until their teeth are done before we get to this stage.

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