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Kelly and Shyla - Week 7

Shyla spent most of the week enjoying a holiday while I was in Australia. On my return she was exceptional to do everything with – perfect to catch, saddle, travel and ride as if she hadn’t been left unhandled for the five days. We had an awesome ride at the beach jumping logs and she has really developed in confidence, happy to lead and follow, as well as leave the other horses. We finished with a swim in the ocean and a bareback trot down the beach.

Since then she has been mouthed with a bit for the first time and then ridden by 11-year-old Gaia on the farm and arena, cantering happily on the buckle and jumping over a wall on the arena.

This morning we did our first work at liberty, and the ground work we did in the very first week is really paying off. Shyla instinctively follows and was trotting after me running which was very sweet.


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