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Kelly and Shyla - Week 8

Shyla has had a very easy week, since I disappeared for a few days to snowboard! On Monday we had lots of fun working at liberty on the ground and she absolutely amazed me. She instinctively followed me and was confident  walking and trotting behind me, as well as jumping small courses and walking over obstacles – it was a really fun way to spent 10 minutes warming up! I then hoped on her bareback and started teaching her to work with a neck rope. Since she has such a settled and quiet nature and is so uncomplicated I think this will be a really fun way for her to be worked – the less gear on the better.

After four days off I returned home yesterday and hoped on her (again no issues after time without handling). We practiced side passing (she is excellent to the right, but not as understanding to the left yet), then we trotted and cantered holding a flag to practice for a public demonstration she is doing in eight weeks. Today we combined the lessons working with a flag while bridleless – we lacked a little bit of direction but she should improve greatly over the next few sessions- she learns fast and I trust her totally so never would feel concerned riding her this way.


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