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Kelly Wilson

Ridden Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Kelly Wilson grew up with horses and competed with success across the disciplines, including show jumping to Pony Grand Prix level before pursuing her creative talents. In 2009 she graduated from Auckland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Graphic Design. Over the past six years Kelly has become a highly sought after freelance designer, award-winning photographer, best selling author and equine journalist.

Kelly competes her mare Ngahiwi Showtym Dancer with success in open classes to 1.25m and in the Amateur Rider Series. In 2014 she competed in the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenges and finished in the top 5 on her wild stallion CopRice Anzac KH. Working with the wild Kaimanawas from the 2012 and 2014 musters has been life-changing experience for Kelly and she loves how much she has learnt from the wild horses.

Kelly Wilson is a highly sought after freelance designer, award-winning photographer, best selling author and equine journalist. In her spare time she show jumps on the national circuit and trains wild horses, finishing in the Top 5 of the Kaimanawa Stallion Challenges in 2014. In 2013, alongside her sisters, she won the FEI Solidarity Award in 2013 for her work with wild Kaimanawa horses and together they have trained almost 30 wild horses over the past three years. In 2015 Kelly travelled to America and competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover where she finished 6th Overall on her mare. The mare went on to sell for the highest price at auction.

Kelly has spent the past three years raising awareness for the plight of wild horses in New Zealand, making a significant increase in public awareness and greatly reducing slaughter rates. She has extensive experience working with adult wild horses, both mares and stallions directly from the wild, and has a huge public following. Kelly hopes her work with Brumbies makes some positive difference in the lives of the horses she trains, and that they become ambassadors for the breed to increase awareness of Brumbies in general.

You can follow Kelly on Facebook at Wilson Sisters

VBA Shyla

Shyla (which means Daughter of the Mountain) is a mature, taffy chestnut mare who was caught whilst pregnant from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2014. Shyla foaled down with VBA Quiz at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and was sponsored by the Hiller family whilst she lived with her herd here. Shylas foal was weaned and Shyla returned to one of our larger paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to life on a farm. Shyla's trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Kelly Wilson.

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