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A huge week for a little brumby

I want to start this update by saying how grateful I am to have such an amazing little horse come into my life. I didn't think it was possible for a horse to make such an impact on how I teach and train. Cooper is a true gentleman with the biggest heart.

This week our training was mostly fun and games. Everyday I asked for something a little different and a little new and Cooper gave everything his best.

Weekend - Ground work- Jumping with Amber and Wrangler.
Monday - Float loading
Tuesday- Cooper smiled all day for Planbphoto & First lie down at liberty and
Wednesday- Pole work under saddle with a few little jumps.
Thursday- Fist ride bareback
Friday- Ridden session with Amber and Wrangler. The first time the boys have been ridden together.

Each video is up on our YouTube Channel EQUINE SYSTEM.

Training with positivity build a horse's confidence and starts with being grateful for every small try that a horse gives.  

On Wednesday Cooper met Nick from PlanBPhoto and took to him straight away.
This was a little surprising as Cooper has at times been a little timid around men.

By the end of the session he was happy to share the spotlight with Wrangler as we shot for the next edition of HorseWyse magazine.

Coopers success this week is the result of being rewarded for multiple small tries that have added up to a horse that understands what we are asking of him and is willing to give it his best.

Every time Cooper succeeds a little his confidence grows, and he carries that confidence with him into the following days session. By the end of the week we were trotting around bareback and Cooper was confident enough with his lie down cue to give it a go while I was mounted. :) 

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