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Join Lara Beth and VBA Cooper on their journey !

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I want to start my final update by acknowledging how grateful I am that this little brown bundle of wild wisdom came into my life at a moment when I didn’t know I needed him most. Cooper over the past 150 days, has influenced not only how I train horses but how I communicate with those closest to me. His wise, patient nature has shown me not only a new side of horses, but what we can achieve together when I choose to listen.

Introducing Cooper to The System I would use  to communicate with him took the most time, but slow is smooth and smooth is fast. The first few weeks set up the foundations and Cooper caught on quickly how to find the solutions. Once the foundation was established and Cooper knew he would get release for finding a solution, his progression was remarkably fast, faster than any horse I have ever worked with. On the day that I taught cooper to lie down, it took him less than 3 minutes. I was shocked. In the final week leading up to EQUITANA, I feel Cooper has a solid understanding of foundations that will see him succeed in any discipline and a beautiful willing attitude to see him succeed with any capable rider.

I am incredible proud of the commitment Cooper has shown to his education and I am excited to see him grow and progress with his new forever family. I have every intention of staying in contact with Coopers new home and will always be on hand if Cooper should ever require help. There will always be a special place in my heart for Super Dooper Cooper. 

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