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Week 7 When Cooper met Harry

I can't believe we are at week 7 already, I would be lying if I said I wasn't feeling any pressure.  At the start of this week it was clear that Cooper had begin to develop a one person relationship with me, meaning he was not comfortable in the presence of other people.

Team work makes the dream work

This had to change. I am so lucky that have an exceptional team around me who all understand our training system and have been able enjoy helping me with Cooper this week.

Monday Caroline caught Cooper using face up and walk away and lead at liberty.
Tuesday my friend Kevin came to visit and learnt about the sensitivity that wild horses have to human body language. By the end of the session Cooper was happy to approach and greet a complete stranger.

Wednesday Jo played with cooper in the loose box moving all 4 parts of Coopers body, she was able to finish the session with a well deserved scratch and groom. By the time Jo left the box all Cooper wanted to do was stay by her side.

Friday Amber who has avoided working with Cooper for the past 7 weeks was given no choice. Cooper was as liberty in our arena when he walked up to her and put his head into her chest. - Cuddle Time.

Learning the Pyramid

This week has been about refining and softening our inside rein in the bridle.

Whats a pyramid I hear you ask?

A pyramid is the name we use for a series of exercises that teach the cues of the inside leg and rein. We call it the pyramid because each exercise builds upon the next up to a point, before returning back down through the same series of exercises. The repetition builds understanding and confidence.

It didn't start here, Cooper has been developing his inside rein aids since his first week of halter training. Translating to the bridle The Pyramid teaches:

A Bending rein - which bends Cooper head and neck

An Open rein- Creates space for Coopers shoulder

A Closed rein- which asks the shoulder to move away

All week I have been excited as Coopers understanding has grown because I know he is so close to doing this set of exercise under saddle. check out @brumby diaries lara beth on fb  for full videos

Meeting Harry

Harry is my ASH horse we nick name him Harry high pants as he is my lead horse who acts as though can do no wrong. On Friday Cooper met Harry.
Leading Cooper from a school master desensitise Cooper to working alongside other horses as well as learning to have a person above and beside him in a different visual field. We had a great session, cantering around the arena.

Weekly Training Updates

Join Lara Beth and VBA Cooper on their journey !

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