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Lara Poynton

Ridden Section: Professional Trainer

Lara’s obsession with horses started early, even though she grew up in a family that had nothing to do with horses at all! Attending a few riding schools here and there until she was 13, Lara then started working with an ‘old school’ breaker. Together they started many horses for the riding schools. Lara hit the deck 148 times before she realised that there had to be a better way! She now works every day to promote safe effective training methods, free from pain and fear.

Lara’s long term mentor, Robert J Shelton once told her that ‘A horse is a horse’. To this day, she sees deeper meaning to this simple statement all the time. Lara feels that looking past human emotion and understanding herd dynamics shows how deeply every horse is indeed, a horse. Lara aims to access a horses mind by controlling his feet. Her communication with the horse begins with a language of cues which is built by the release of pressure.

Lara is looking forwards to sharing her vision to promote safe, effective training techniques. She believes that doing so will be of great benefit to the lives of not only the Brumbies she works with, but horses and people around the world.

You can read more about Lara at www.equinedevelopment.com.au

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VBA Sansa

VBA Sansa is a mature, flaxen chestnut mare who was caught whilst pregnant from the Long Plain region of the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW in winter, 2014. Sansa foaled down with VBA Tyrion at our Brumby Junction sanctuary and was sponsored by Sharon Peterson whilst she lived with her herd here. Sansas foal was weaned and Sansa returned to one of our larger paddocks to build up her strength and continue to get used to life on a farm. Sansa's trainer in the Australian Brumby Challenge is Lara Poynton.