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Lara and Sansa – Week 14

Cross training, and Sansa second set of shoes. It has been really good to get out of the arena and break up Sansas free style training, with some trails, hills and down time.

I love taking Sansa around the hills on the farm. Usually we spend time training young horses to bring their hindquaters under, for balance down hills. Not Brumbies Sansa and Daisy know hills better than I do.  They have a natural ability to find their feet.

Sansa has also been playing babysitter to young racehorses. I am grateful for her calm sensible nature as it makes her a reliable leader both around the stables and in the paddock.

With EQUITANA fast approaching we are beginning to concentrate more and more on our freestyle. I have been using the end of sessions as ultimate release. Usually when Sansa does something particularly well, I end the session.

This week i have been purposely finishing all of our sessions with a lie down. Hopefully this will cement Sansas response to my lie down cue. 


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