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Lara and Sansa – Week 16

Training objects versus training a cue.

I have found Sansa to be incredibly good at associating objects with certain actions. When she comes to a bridge… she crosses it. When she comes to a barrel she jumps it.

On one hand this is perfect, on the other hand I find that when cued do something new with the same object like side step instead of jump, she gets frustrated. Sansa even started crinkling up her nose as if to say “Lara I know what to do and you are giving me the wrong cue”.

In my training I use objects to test how well my horses understand cues. It shouldn't matter what is on the ground around us.

Our work in week 16 has been all about mixing up our cues with different objects.

Four Legs Equestrian sent us some awesome brick wall hay bale covers. They are the bomb digity.

If the cue is send forward Sansa should go forward over the wall. If the cue is a closed rein, Sansa should step her shoulders across the wall.

By the end of this week she is much much better.  Sansa is once again listening to what I need her to do rather the taking the lead. On the ground her forward cue is now so soft I have been able to move to the invisible lead.

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