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Lara and Sansa – Week 20

From day one Sansas training has involved creating space or crowding space. If I create space I expect Sansa to find and move into it. If I crowed Sansas space I expect that she moves away from me … into open space.

Week I taught Sansa to find the target (touch my hand) by giving her a cue to touch and then crowding and moving her feet until she found the solution.

Further into the challenge I we worked on crowding and moving all 4 components (Head and Neck, Shoulders, Ribs, Hinds) away from pressure into open space.

Before we saddled up Sansa learnt to bring her saddle to the block. I used a cue that created space under my arm and motivated Sansas ribs and shoulder until she found the space.

Bridle work on the ground has taught Sansa to move away from closed reins and toward open reins. Making it easy for her shoulders and wither to find the center of my reins while riding.

I have taught Sansa that while in the saddle,  if I take a breath in and create space under my seat that she can lift in her action, and fill the space with her rib and back. This had made her transitions super comfortable and light.

When we began this process way back in week one every space was exadurated, and I had to back up just about every cue with my noodle (motivator). In week 20 my spaces are getting more and refined an I am finding many cues no longer require a  motivator at all.  I can't wait to show off Sansas skills at finding space that I crowd and create at equitana.


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