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Lara and Sansa – Week 21

I am sure every trainer in the challenge is wondering the same thing. How did we get here so fast? The entire journey has been a magical experience.  As for Sansa “wow what a horse.”

The final week of the challenge has been all about preparation for EQUITANA. We have been through  the checklists for each category, had some super sessions with crowds, we were even lucky enough to have Charlotte Littlefield and Spencer Sturmey cast fresh eyes on our free style.

Mostly this week is about the final touches. However when Nigel handed me the checklists on Monday I was a little concerned that there were a few things Sansa and I had not yet tried.

Dragging a pole was one of them….

The tricky part about dragging anything is that horses tend to think something is chasing them. So to avoid that I like to start on the ground. With the horse on a long lead and the dragging item on a short lead in front and to the side of the horse.

The cool thing is that Sansa has done this exercise a million times before… it's how I taught her to lead in week one, it is how we introduced a saddle in week 5. This week was the same pattern she is good at with a random pole on a rope introduced.

“ Any time we introduce a new object we introduce it moving away from the horse.”

Some final touches to our free style now means that Sansa is cape trained. We use the same lead away pattern to introduce a flag before introducing and progressively increasing the size of the cape. 

Sansa really wasn't phased at all, I am very happy that Sansa understands a good foundation of cus so that when she comes to new situations she can dig in her tool box and be confident in what we ask her to do. Allowing her to focus on our lead and not the new situation.

I am very confident that Sansa will love every minute of EQUITANA. From sponsors to the VBA, thank you to everyone who has made this journey possible. Sansa would not be the horse she is today without everyone contributing to her success.

 “It takes a village to train a Brumby”


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