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VBA Lark Week 10:

We had our first major test over the weekend. Lark attended her very first horse show, a great little show, the Dilutes winter woollies in Canberra. She was a total dream! I am so proud of her. At first she was a bit shocked by the whole affair but with a little revision of our basics she very quickly settled down to take the whole thing in with a calm and curious attitude.

I wasn’t going with any expectation of winning but Lark really impressed the judges coming home with 4x champions, 4 X firsts and a 4th. To be fair we were unchallenged for 3 of the 4 champions but the judges were very complimentary of Lark’s type, temperament and straightness. I was particularly pleased with getting our champion led Brumby against a very pretty Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse, who are known for being some of the models of the Brumby world.

With Lark going so well mentally and the show proving to be friendly and quiet we decided to have a go in the ridden as well. The judges were so lovely and accommodating allowing us to work out to Lark’s current level. Which meant a nice soft walk with some baby trot. Even with only 2 previous rides with the reins attached to the bit rather then the headstall Lark was lovely and soft trying so hard to do everything asked.

I was especially pleased with how the whole day finished. Though Lark was pretty knackered when she was released with the other girls rather then leave with them she hung around the gate still keen to hang out and get spoiled rotten.

The change in Lark since the show has been awesome. She is 10 X happier with people and vehicles of all types now. We had the wonderful Belinda Palmer of Saddle fit Solutions out to help us find a saddle that will really fit Lark. She was so good with having all the saddles and gear on and off while being handled by a stranger. It was fascinating to see how Lark reacted to the different fits. She is such an honest girl it made it so much easier to decide on the top choices. Now to figure out the budget haha.

We also had Lark’s first visit from the farrier our wonderful David Le Mesuir. Who did an awesome job being patient and gentle. Lark was awesome better behaved then a lot of domestic horses! Lark has fantastic feet I was really lucky she didn’t need an emergency trim so we were able to take our time to prepare fully for her first time.

We’ve got a bunch of really big weekends planned for Lark so we’re spending our weekdays working on softness, technique, muscle growth and building new skills. We’ve had some lovely gentle rides this week and I’m starting to get really excited about the future of this little lady.

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