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VBA Lark week 11

Lark and I started this week off with another big outing. We travelled the two hours over to Woodstock to participate in their local show and help raise money for the Cowra RDA, giving Pony rides. Lark wasn’t quite ready to be one of the pony ride ponies so she spent the morning just observing and learning. I was so proud of her standing calmly and relaxed all morning. Tied up next to the jumping castle, the miniature train rides and under the loud speaker with a non-stop flow of visitors giving her pats over the fence. It was so great to see her completely relaxed getting so much love and attention from total strangers all of who were shocked to hear she was a Wild Brumby not 73 days ago. When things eased off in the afternoon I saddled Lark and had a wonderful ride around the showgrounds. She listened to everything I asked of her despite the incredible noise of the event. They had the wood chopping, tractor dragging and chainsaw carving right next to the main horse arena. Lark handled it all amazingly even stopping to give the SES a hand practicing life saving skills with their manikin.

The Monday after the show we took advantage of being in Cowra for a nice trail ride. I think we managed to tick all the Trail Ride adventure boxes. We rode along major roads, through the mcdonald’s drive thru, over bridges, under bridges, across train lines and had our very first canter on a beautiful long stretch of abandoned train line and up through the vineyards. I love getting my first Canter out on a trail ride where the horse is really ready for it. They are balanced, they are relaxed and they just slip right into a smooth easy Canter.

Now that we are having big weekend Adventures we are spending our weekdays quietly improving our softness, suppleness and overall good technique. Lark is so fun to hang out with now, she is really keen to learn she has no fear of what I will do with her and I feel like I can really just jump on in the paddock and have a play.