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Join Lauren and VBA Lark on their journey !

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VBA Lark Week 13:

This week has been all about the solidifying our fundamentals and expanding Lark’s skills through lateral movements.

The week started a little tricky with Lark having her another rider hop on for the first time unfortunately on the way up she got thumped under the elbow which made her shy out on us but within 10 minutes we had that all sorted and she had a lovely lead around with a new young rider.

That incident did leave her back to being ticklish on her underside again so a couple of days of rubs and counter conditioning (making the bad thing associated with something good until the bad thing becomes good) and we were back on track.

We also took some time this week to start teaching Lark some novel tricks. She now knows how to smile and back up to hand signals. Teaching tricks is fun but it also broadens the horse ability to interact with the humans around them. Making them feel more confident and in control of their environment.

We’d been building Lark’s confidence in children with my cracker 3yr old assistant Alanna throughout this whole process and I was super proud to achieve the major goal this week of being able to ride Lark with Alanna.

Alanna and I have been riding together since before she was born. She often joins me on my main horses and it was a must for this challenge that I have my Brumby safe enough for her to ride with me.

We’ve also spent a lot of time this week on frame and transitions. I don’t particularly care about getting Lark in a frame to look pretty buy I do care about having her soft and balanced and that means she must also be able to maintain a soft and balanced head carriage. To achieve this we’ve been doing a lot of work on transitions, I can now ask for either canter lead rather reliably. We’ve also been doing a lot of lateral work asking Lark to try and maintain a rhythm while shoulder yielding and hind leg yielding at will. She is really starting to get the hang of it. If she ever gets stuck we simply stop and get the step we wanted from the stand still. When she is really confident with the cues and her balance flow will come.

Please join us at Black Pearl Horses on Facebook for daily updates and if you are considering purchasing Lark please get in touch to discuss I am very keen to find her an amazing home and would love to stay in touch with her for the rest of her days.