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VBA Lark week 14

This week we snuck out to Cowra again for my birthday. I got to test out Lark's new saddle, a neat little 15.5 inch Tekna Dressage, professionally fitted by the wonderful Belinda Palmer of Saddle Fit Solutions.

It was a great ride really testing out Lark's brumby sure footedness on the way up and down Billy Goat Hill. We managed to climb all the way to the top of the lookout up some not very horse friendly rock steps. Lark had no hesitations about the climb you could tell she was in familiar territory amongst the rocks and trees though the big groups of tourists there for the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival had her a bit confused.

We got really lucky on the ride and found a skate park with a fantastic community run skate clinic going on. Lark was wide eyed taking in the mass of children on wheels flying around the park. As with everything Lark experiences she gives nice, clear, honest and safe cues that she is unhappy and when comforted,  settles and accepts the situation within a couple of minutes.

Lark really progressed to the next level of comfort around humans this week and was ready for other riders. My brother got a short ride as he is probably around 90kg and way to big for Lark. She carried him surprisingly well and he enjoyed the ride. A couple of days later Mum got a turn. Lark dutifully parked over a log for my 5 foot nothing Mum to clamber up. Lark was as usual honest with Mum about the mistakes she made but safe and responsive throughout.

It is really something else to get to see someone on Lark who has been following our journey from day 1 and got to see exactly how nervous Lark was to start with.

Next week is the Weddin Mountain Muster. 5 days of riding with around 100 other riders. I can't wait to see how Lark takes it in. I intend to have her alternate days with one of my other babies being prepared for our big Black Pearl Horse Sale and open day on the 1st of December.

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