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VBA Lark Week 15

Oh my gosh am I proud of Lark this week!

On Sunday night we left home for 5 days on the trail with the Weddin Mountain Muster. Lark as planned rotated days with Xander one of the young horses I am preparing for our Black Pearl Horse Sale on December 1st.

Day 1 was about 27kms through some lovely varied country. Lark was lovely, really easy all day totally on par with the other 100 plus horses on the road. The only thing that worried her was mum getting too close and putting a foot up her bum. So we worked on that steadily for the day with a solid improvement by the end. To finish off the day Lark got to have a lovely bath which I think she thoroughly enjoyed.

Day 2 was Xander’s turn he was a good boy too but this isn't his story.

Day 3 was a 10km ride through town with a parade down the centre of the main street with everyone dressed up wonderfully. Lark and I wore our medieval costume which she handled like an old pony clubber. We even got to sneak in a few jumps and little canters with our costume streaming about. After lunch there was the sporting and stockman’s challenge. Lark totally aced it, she had her first gallop while racing to the line in the barrelling. She picked up the correct lead on every turn even in the bending and flagging and even though she didn't get a single test run she made wicked times. I wish I had video of the stockman’s challenge because she was just smooth as silk, so smooth in fact we managed to pull second place. I couldn't possibly have asked for better. Lark is becoming such a fun pony to ride and be around now. She makes best friends everywhere goes.

Day 4 was Xander's turn again and some great drenching rain at last.

Day 5 We hit the hills and Lark was amazeballs! she was fun and engaged. She didn't hesitate at any obstacle, she helped other riders in need, she didn't care where she was in the herd, she barely noticed many a foot in the flank and despite being barefoot she powered over every kind of terrain. Lark has really done the brumbies proud and received so many compliments for her impeccable behaviour. I am one proud mumma right now. Someone is going to find themselves such an amazing ally and partner in Lark.

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