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Join Lauren and VBA Lark on their journey !

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VBA Lark Week 16

Last week was all about Lark finding her Zen while testing her stamina and endurance. This week has been all about finesse and fine tuning.

We had 2 lessons with Manuela McLean a master of the technical. It was exactly what we needed to get our ducks in a row for Equitana and for making Lark a pony worth her weight in gold. We worked on finding Lark's ideal working rhythm and being able to lengthen and shorten our strides more effectively. We worked on our stability through transitions and Lark's ability to lift and carry me. We got some awesome movement and even a great walk to canter transition! As usual Lark tried her heart out and was quiet as a lamb in the new environment.

Manuela was very complimentary of Lark's training and temperament. She felt her straightness, basic buttons and behaviour are well on track for a bright future. “She didn't put a foot wrong.” Was the quote of the lesson.

Lark's summer coat is peaking through now and my gosh is it dark and shiny as anything I can't wait for you all to see it. I just hope it is all the way through in time.

We're taking pre approvals and expressions of interest for Lark now. Please do get in contact with the Victorian Brumby Association now to get a chance to try out this special lady now and prepare to bid on her. Remember that if you can't get to Equitana yourself there will be proxy bidding available. I intend to fully support Lark and her future family for the rest of her days so please don't hesitate to contact me either through my Black Pearl Horses Facebook group or phone me on 0435 511 951.