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VBA Lark Week 18

Eeeek Equitana is creeping up now, less then 3 weeks to go!

At the start of this week we went to the Murrumbateman field days to do some demonstrations. It was the perfect test run with Lark hanging out in her yard, with her buddies, getting spoiled rotten by everyone that walked passed. I was a bit worried how Lark would feel about being in the Brumby village at Equitana but have no concerns now. Despite having the opportunity to hang in the back of her yard away from people Lark parked herself right at the front corner even putting her head down through the gate chains to make sure all the kids could reach her for a pat. She LOVED the attention, if anything she got a bit annoyed at me taking her out for our demonstrations away from her adoring fans.

She was a rockstar in our performances and seemed to really soak up the attention. She didn't even mind the tractor pull next door or me getting too close to the speaker with my microphone and making that awful squealing sound. We practiced our bits and pieces for Equitana in front of the crowd and I'm really happy with how it all went.

Later in the week Lark officially graduated to lesson pony, doing a great job with one of our Black Pearl Horses learner riders. Lark got a bit confused at times but I was super proud that instead of working herself up she just stopped and waited for me to come over and help her understand what she needed to do. It was fantastic to see her handle all the little things young riders don't even think about, like kicking legs around on the saddle, taking feet out and shaking them around, not holding the reins while standing listening, picking up random things, waving arms around and touching random bits. Lark was great with all of it, often standing there eyes closed like an old hack. We also tested out an electric butted teen who enjoyed a hoon around, Lark had no trouble flying around the yard and coming back to working calmly when asked. I do have her tuned a little too responsive I think, with a bit if rushing going on so I will try to balance that out over the next few weeks.

I can't wait to see everybody and have Lark meet her loving new people please get in contact with us as soon as you can if you are interested in bidding on Lark. There is a lot I can do to adjust her responsiveness to suit her new owners and I am happy to take as long as need be to insure everything goes awesomely.

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