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VBA Lark Week 19

2 weeks to go!

Over the weekend Lark and I had a skill at arms clinic with the awesome Darrell and Lisa Bossley. We learnt how to use the spear, the lance, a sword and mounted archery. Lark wasn't a fan of the archery though it was good to see even though she didn't like it we were able to still progress safely without any dangerous reactions. She did however love the sword, spear and lance. She picked up and maintained an awesome even canter which allowed me to practice whacking things with no hesitations. It was awesome! There were even some gorgeous Friesian stallions practicing with us and Lark barely noticed them, even becoming the designated gear hand out erer as she was so unconcerned about being near the big boys. I guess that is no surprise considering her wild life involved some perfect socialising.

On Wednesday we went trick or treating through our super little community in Gunning with a big group of local kids. Lark was just so great, she had zero concerns about ghosts and ghouls of all shapes and sizes running around her. We were easily able to approach all the houses collecting candy in our little sack. There were just so many things that can be scary for ponies of any level of experience and she held it together perfectly. Not a single shy, spook or rush. She did need support at one point, she got the shivers but she was so willing to listen and be comforted we just stood still stroking her until she took a deep breath and was ready to go on.

Lark has over this last fortnight had 3 new riders on board. The first a brave but inexperienced pre teen who Lark slowed right down for needing a bit of direction from me a couple of times but feeling safe as could be. The next young rider was a hot seated young teen who assists me weekly with training some of my projects. Lark put her speedy boots on, doing flying changes everywhere but again making her rider feel safe even if they had me holding my breath. I admit after that I was a bit worried Lark would be too forward for a lot of riders but then our 3rd rider had a go an older teen who is my quiet riding assistant and a really cautious rider who is fantastically capable at the walk and trot but still learning to canter and jump. She LOVED Lark and felt she was very soft, calm and responsive. She even felt good enough to have a canter and jump on little Lark who stayed nice and balanced in her paces for her.

I'm feeling really good about how bright Lark's future is. I still don't think she will suit a rider that uses too much leg as she is so willing that if you keep pushing for forward she will just keep giving but with the right support which I am willing to provide I see her having an amazing future making a super tight bond with her person. It melts my heart that she finds so much comfort in people now. No matter who it is she will just come up and lean her shoulder against you and rest her head for a cuddle.

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