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VBA Lark Week 20

It's been a bittersweet week. I am so proud of the amazing little mare Lark has become she came here so scared and nervous. Now I comfortably feel she can carry my 3yr old daughter and be ridden in any environment safely. When I say any environment I do mean ANY environment. we have travelled from the bush to the heart of our capital city and Lark has never missed a beat. She loves humans now and will go to anyone for comfort or cuddles.

This week we were a bit cheeky and took Lark into the ABC studios in Canberra to do a radio interview with Lish Feyer on 666 Canberra. It was awesome, Lark made a lot of new fans, she was so popular in fact that they decided to do a second interview to gather some footage For their TV and internet programs. Now Lark really is a superstar!

We also did an amazing photo shoot with Geoff Pengilly of @ it’s a bit technical. Hop over to our Black Pearl Horses Facebook group to check them out. There are some incredible shots. The transformation in Lark is just incredible. I can't wait for you all to meet her!

Please get your registrations in now to be able to bid on Lark and all the other amazing ponies in the auction. Lark has proven to be amazingly versatile, she will suit a huge range of disciplines from medieval skill at arms, jumping and mounted games to dressage, pony club and trail riding. She will just give and give to any rider who asks.

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