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VBA Lark week 3:

I can’t believe it is week 3 already! I briefly lost sight of how Lark had progressed in such a short time until I took the time to show my husband all her new abilities. From a ‘Wild’, untouched, super reactive and scared little mare. Lark list of achievements now include:

* touch on command.
* approach on command.
* take her weight off her front leg on cue.
* direct turn either way.
* hind leg yield.
* head down.
* back.
* forward from the head and beginnings of forward from a tap.
* park to be brushed.
* accepting contact from 2 hands simultaneously.
* accepting being touched by and carrying a towel.
* beginning to enjoy scratches and massages.
* eating grains and processed feed from my hand.
* allowing me to stay at her side through releases.
* accepting a second person nearby without losing concentration.

Above and beyond all that she is showing genuine engagement in our sessions, time and again she chooses to interact with me over food, fear or friends.

The biggest thing I learnt from Lark this week was to keep the learning varied, interesting, short and fun. Lark was having quite a tough time accepting just standing to put up with my ministrations. So we skipped a few steps and started teach her the things I want her to do with her body like our touch, back, head down, forward and pick up hooves. By giving Lark a job to do she was far more accepting of the ‘easier’ step of standing for touching.

I really feel like I got glimpses this week of the horse Lark will be and it is so exciting!

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