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VBA Lark Week 4:

This week we took some big leaps in Lark’s learning.

Lark was holding out on me a bit emotionally while in the yards as even though she was beginning to trust me that edge of uncertainty and stress the yards bring was poison to our relationship so we took the big step to move her into our temporary obstacle training paddock. This normally wouldn’t be such a huge step but we are in the middle of converting some school demountables into a house so on her very first adventure outside the yards Lark had walk through; 3 Electric fence gates, a car park full of floats and different vehicles, a literal construction zone, a garden and under a big leant over gumtree. I was so very proud of her she didn’t panic once and better yet after a bit of time to adjust to her new home she willingly approached me with out hesitation.

Since our move I feel emotionally we are finally digging into the last barriers she had been holding. We even got a calm and successful rugging just in time for some foul weather. Lark is getting more confident everyday and that thoughtful nature I spied when we first met is really taking the fore.

She has no problem with us working other horses around her paddock, she willingly approaches me every time I enter her paddock and she is taking the sage advice of her paddock support buddy Pearl very seriously.

The next thing I am aiming to overcome is her anxiety about losing track of me. So long as she can keep and eye on me everything is peaches and cream but her anxiety spikes if I ask her to take her eye off me to say follow the rein away from me. Knowing she is understanding our rein cues well and is okay with being touched behind with zero kick reflex I think I will spend this week starting some long reining and being led from another horse in an effort to work through this next obstacle.

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