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VBA Lark Week 5:

I have a fun analogy I like to use when explaining horse training to people. Training a horse is a bit like levelling up a character in a game. Your bond with your horse and your self confidence determines what level monsters the horse is willing to face for you. Your stop/ backup is your horses shield it helps you stay in the game for longer. Your forward is your sword it’s what you take on new challenges with but wield it too wildly and it cuts both ways and your more subtle cues such as head down, shoulder yield and hip yield are your bow and arrow. They allow you strike down foes before they become a problem.

So in saying all that, if you are trying to take on a level 5 float and you only have a level 4 forward it is going to be a tough ask and if you do manage to get your horse on. If your shield is too low a level you may have trouble getting your horse off safely or they may travel with anxiety.

Essentially this week and next Lark and I are doing a butt load of grinding, taking on low level challenges to build our skill levels up. We have to be very careful not to level Lark up unevenly if her forward gets to far beyond her stop she may begin charging into situations without thinking or bolting away rather then standing to defend herself. If her halt is too much better then her forward she will be unwillingly to try new things or break out of her shell.

Lark has a wonderful, careful and thoughtful brain in her head which will be amazing when we’re finished but leads her for now into being overly cautious so we are running a careful line between encouraging a brave and reliable forward from her and maintaining her thoughtfulness.

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