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VBA Lark week 7:

After hitting some major milestones we decided to give Lark a few rest days this week. She has come so far in such a short time. I typically give my horses quite a few breaks while training in my own time. So for me in this challenge I wanted to see what progress I could make with consistent, continual training. I’m really happy with how Lark is remembering each session and coming in positive and ready for the next one. If anything I needed the break more then she did. I needed to come back in having refreshed and revised our plan stepping forward. All good plans allow for flexibility and good training involves good planning.

I made a mistake with our dismounting at the end of last week, when dismounting I was accidentally zapping Lark with static which made her spook away from me. We managed to figure it out and adjust things to finish with her standing well without being zapped. Unfortunately it brought back some of her worry about what I was doing up there, so I got a little creative and after 1 easy refresher/ smooch session and a break. We introduced Broncson the Giant Teddy bear rider I use sometimes for starting little ponies. Lark really looks to me for support and direction so when I was on her she wasn’t feeling the love enough. This way I was able to coach and support her through all the little flinches and worries she had without any risk to her or myself.

It worked a treat within 10 minutes we were trotting around without a concern about Broncson flopping all over the place in the saddle. I felt so good about Larks mindset that she got to give my helper and one of our green ridden horses their first experience of ponying another horse while riding. We even had a cheeky trot over a jump.

The last 2 days have been a break so I can’t wait to pop Broncson up on Lark again and then trade places to see how he has improved her confidence in this next step. As I continue to be reminded if there is ever a problem with taking the next step there is always a way to make it smaller, safer and easier to achieve.

I am also super excited to announce my first sponsor Grosvenor Park @ I have always kind of avoided sponsors as I never want to represent over priced or under quality products. I’m pleased to say these guys are anything but! All of their products are of spectacular quality I swear I’ve never felt such soft leather and priced very competitively.

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