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VBA Lark Week 8:

This week was all about variety. Lark met a heap of new people of all shapes and sizes as well as solidifying our basics in a ton of new locations and situations.

I often hear people say their horse is afraid of a certain gender but I tend to find the horse is more afraid of a difference in body language and size. So I always make sure to introduce my horses to a variety of humans big, little, loud, calm, strong and gentle. I also make sure I adjust my body language, gradually becoming more clumsy and imperfect to ensure my training is able to withstand the tests of time and tribulation.

We went on a big adventure leading Lark the 5kms into town along train lines and passed everything a small town can throw at you. We had trucks, dogs, kids, prams, gutters, flags, construction, you name it. Lark was such a champ she behaved so well and was interested and engaged the whole time, really taking it all in. She was feeling so good I even had a ride at the showgrounds. It was one of our best yet! She has really softened her back for me now. I won’t ride in a saddle on a horse until I feel my muscles really sink into theirs. It would be so easy to miss a horse holding onto a bit of tension that could fester and become a problem later. This way even if I’m only walking I can really feel whether every muscle in  the horses body is being used effectively and calmly. We finished with her having her first official float ride home which she handled really well.

This week we also had a visit from Emma at Mainprize mobile vets who gave Lark her first dental. She had 2 nice pointy wolf teeth that needed removing, some sharp edges that needed filing, some bits of baby teeth stuck in her front teeth and has been aged as a young 4 so will get even chunkier and hopefully an inch or 2 taller over the next 2 to 3 years. So with all that sorted we have been given the all clear to start bit work. Up until now Lark has held the bit but with no pressure applied to it. I have no problem starting a horse bitted or bit less I don’t find it any more difficult either way but I am always aware of creating a bright and easy future for my babies so I will train them to accept all the standard tack an average rider will choose to use and some weird things just in case.

Thanks again to for their sponsorship of me personally and to all the wonderful sponsors who are making this event a reality.

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