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VBA Lark Week 9

We’ve had a really great week with VBA Lark. She is starting to hit some milestones and this weekend we are planning our first show! I’m not expecting much she is still very raw so it is more going to be just a fun play/ test day rather then actually expecting to win anything. I think it can be very easy to want to avoid going to events if you won’t look amazing. Especially from a trainers perspective when there is a lot of weight behind everything you do but I would much rather give my horse the experience they need rather then cover my wall in more accolades I don’t need. So chances are if you see me out and about I’m on the horse I think is ready for that outing but also really needs the extra experience in that field rather then on the horse I know could win everything and make me look good.

Most of our week has been focused on the steps Lark needs to be able to take to be comfortable at the show. She has had her first hose down, wash, we have introduced being ridden in the saddle, bridle with reins attached and we’ve done lots of trotting fully tacked up, getting our turns and brakes nice and soft.

Lark has been showing a strong interest in Alanna my 3yr old daughter so we've started carefully introducing them. Alanna has very clear safety cues in place around horses and I honestly trust her more then most adults to listen and respond when it counts. Though at this stage I think Lark will be better suited to an adult or confident young person. I will certainly encourage this relationship as much as I can for Lark's long term benefit.

Now that fear is in the background Lark is starting to show her young mare sass and I love it. Every mare I’ve worked with hits a real independent faze between 3 to 5yrs old. Which can be delayed in horses that aren’t fully socialised or receive trauma of some kind. I think this is some of the reason mares get labelled the way they do as it is a rather formative and busy time in their relationship with humans. I have found however that these young mares given the right direction very quickly settle into the most soft, responsive, willing, intelligent, kind and caring creatures on earth. I simply love my young ladies and I love that Lark is showing her attitude now because I know it is a sign that something wonderful is ready to bloom.

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