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Lauren Woodbridge

From Gunning, New South Wales: Professional Trainer

Lauren has been involved with horses since before she could walk. Growing up with a family living a rather eclectic, gypsy lifestyle she has a unique outlook to life and a broad spectrum of horse experience to draw from.

Lauren started her first pony when she was 10yrs old her bond with this pony, Pearl is what helped her through severe bullying and an Asperger’s diagnosis. Together at 14 they trekked from Canberra to Maryborough in Queensland with her Mum, Brother, Cousin and a rag tag bunch of rescue and rejected ponies. This trek and helping these ponies solidified the life goal of helping horses and humans understand one another in the same way horses taught Lauren how to communicate with her peers.

Since then Lauren has worked tirelessly to earn a reputation of honesty, integrity and quality horsemanship. As with her upbringing she has an eclectic love for horses of every shape, size and discipline. Her horse training business Black Pearl Horses is recognised as a place to give your horse the best start possible. Regardless of their breed or future discipline and remains highly active in the rescue and rehabilitation network. 

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VBA lark

VBA Lark is an approximately 14hh liver chestnut mare who was caught as a four year old, in 2017 from the Hume/ Bago State Forest in New South Wales. Lark was caught by a new private trapping contractor and kept yarded for too long, resulting in her aborting her unborn foal due to stress, which is something we work very hard to avoid.

VBA Lark's trainer in the McDowells Australian Brumby Challenge is Lauren Woodbridge.

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