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Join Linda and Ella on their journey !

​Linda had a later pick up date so started training in week 2.

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VBA Ella

Ella is a mature, black mare who was caught whilst pregnant from the Bogong High Plains regions of the Alpine National Park in Victoria in winter, 2014, along with her stallion, VBA Teddy. Ella was turned out at our Brumby Junction sanctuary to build up her strength and to get used to life

Linda Morrison

Ridden Section: Non-Professional Trainer

Linda grew up in the Australian outback on her familys cattle property in the stunning Canarvon ranges in Qld. Linda doesn’t remember learning to ride, but always has, she loved watching her Dad and uncles breaking in youngsters and started her first youngster at 14 years old.

Since that time, Linda has rode in races before female jockeys were even allowed to (!), she has competed in stockmans challenges, started youngsters, retrained ‘damaged, thrown away’ horses and currently competitively campdrafts. Linda has lived on cattle stations for most of her life and is also a Registered Bowen Therapist, Massage therapist and Equine therapist!Linda believes that horses, just like children, if guided to find a solution will develop confidence and skills whilst staying inquisitive and willing. She terms herself an ‘everyday Aussie’ and would love the opportunity to showcase what can happen when every horse is treated as an individual.