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Linda and Ella - Week 10

Up until last weekend Ella had been spending some time out with the other horses, or them in with her in the small paddock at yards, and sometimes she would be in on her own.

When it got wet again early this week I decided to just put her out in the 25 or so acres with the others. So she had a couple of days off which seemed to suit her well. She now kinda stays with the others but doesn't need to be in their pockets. I think she's moved to top dog position as well.

When it was finally sunny and a bit dry again I caught Ella in paddock, led her away from the others, did a bit of ground work, & then took her for a lead down the creek.

Lunged her out into water, up and down bank, then parked her on downside of bank and hopped on, & went for paddle in the stream. All easy, no dramas. One cool pony.
Then we came home and I saddled up and had another cruise around some obstacles , over the bridge (treat time ).
We have also done more float loading, and after a few sessions we took her for a short trip, unloaded and reloaded and came home.

Today was first time I’ve had resistance from Ella at all, and it was when we were almost finished, had ridden and done few other bits n pieces, I thought I'd give her a quick on and off the float - she had other ideas!

All up she's going nice, rides like a big horse, & is sensible and soft. Found a bit she seems happy with tho I think she goes great in halter (a first for me).

Hopefully this week I will get out to do some bush rides.
We are continuing to try our hand at a bit of liberty - I think maybe I just confuse her if anything. She is a quick learner, I just need to get my cues organised!
She's starting to shine up, loves a good firm brushing all over, and is wearing her Shade Cloth Rug.
I only use Bex Rugs or Bull Waddy Built rugs. They are both awesome.
So till next week folks,
Happy Trails!
L and VBA Ella


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