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Linda and Ella - Week 11

Well half way from Wild to Wonderful – and I can surely say this sturdy mountain pony is now far from wild, and hopefully well on the way to being Wonderful.

This week (again more wet days than sunny) we took Ella for a 2 ½ hour drive to spend the afternoon with Phil Rodey. I had not met Phil before and it was most helpful having someone else to give me some advice and encouragement. Phil also worked Ella off his horse which was awesome as I had not used another horse with her. It was beautiful to ride in a lovely big sandy yard where Ella had good footing.

So much easier for young/green horses to get balanced when they have good surface are not scrabbling and slipping. Nice soft walk, trots and good canter both ways, very happy.  So that was a huge day for the little mare, and she had the next day off.

Rain, rain and more very heavy rain for the next 4 days so we only did the basics- ground work, some sidepass on ground, reversing  thru  the ‘L’ logs, learned to lead backwards by tail ( I am sure that will come in handy somewhere.)

Yesterday I rode her bareback, with rope around her neck—Why?? Well, Why Not!!!! And cracked the whip off of her back. I had done a lot of cracking the whip around her but not while actually riding her. Then slid off her rump (kids pony !!!!)

Today was a beautiful sunny day and we did a bit of everything. Recapped all the GW we did during the week, and started ‘gate opening training’---- which is a bit of a conflict of interest really as Ella has shown on more than one occasion that she can open gates very well!!!!  But now she needs to stand quietly while I open the gates off her—because I am basically lazy ;)     First lesson no worries. Hopefully we will have that down pat by next report. She is a smart little one and usually ‘gets’ things quickly. I try to keep the training sessions short and I have to resist the urge to do too many new/different things at once ( lots of coffee breaks.)

I am fortunate that Tom was around today to get a few new pics for me so no selfies this week . Also Tom gave Ella a Bowen Treatment, Happy Pony and a great stranger (NOT) danger lesson. Over the last 2 weeks she is slowly getting over her Stranger Danger issue. Some things just take time.

Would love to get a bit of stock work for Miss Ella in the next month so will see what I can arrange. I think it does them the world of good, gives them a focus, and they seem to learn so quickly when they have a job to do.

Equine dentist due on Tuesday, so trust that goes well.   Hopefully a farrier to do a ‘real’ trim.   Then next Sat- Sun we are off to ride at Phils again. So until next week folks, Happy Trails. 


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