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Linda and Ella - Week 13

I had intended to give Ella last Monday off after Phil Rodey clinic but weather forecast was for rain for most of the week so we took advantage of the beautiful sunny day and went across the creek to the hilly back paddock--- our first real venture out.  I have a rule not to ride young horses out alone but I am mostly on my own while riding so pulled my Big Girl Britches on and away we went.  Lill Miss Ella was awesome  and even a bit excited when she spotted that big scrubby hill on the horizon--- she was stepping out like an old work horse.  Funny thing- when you ride a young domestic horse away from home they are often reluctant to leave and keen to return—It seems to be the opposite for Ella, not sure if other trainers have found this.

Next lesson was Nose Bag—not a problem as Ella is very fond of food.  She had been a bit head shy but I found a bit of clicker training and treats helped her deal with this.

THEN------ Electric Fence training…….. I felt very mean L

 As Ella is a very inquisitive horse it  was only a matter of seconds before she put her nose on the tape, and looked at me with a “WHY DO YOU HATE ME ?” look ….. ohhh Tough Love.  Being a wet day it was a very instant lesson and she has no desire to test the tape at all.

It’s so wet here at the moment after more rain and local flooding that the ducks are roosting in the trees.

Ella and I went to a Meagan Harrison clinic near Sydney on the weekend, I am taking every opportunity to ride with other people as I really hate riding alone.- and the chance to ride on other than wet slippery grass!!!!

Ella is getting her wolf teeth out Monday so will have a few days or more off after that, and she is ready for a little spell anyway.

Ella had been loading onto the float really well then the last twice she has been a bit reluctant, tho she travels really well.  So will be doing some more loading and not going anywhere, or short trips--- up to the village for coffee!!!!!! 

Still hoping to get some stock work for her in the next month.

So till next week Happy Trails.

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