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Linda and Ella - Week 14

I decided to give Ella a week off, even tho with all the rain she has not really been overworked , but I think I little total down time clears the brain .
Even so she still had the dentist out to remove 2 wolf teeth on Monday , and farrier to do another hoof trim .
Then she spent the week out with the others , just being a spell horse, and it rained all week again .
They are all getting far too fat , Ella has lost just about all her winter coat and is shiny and black ( no more woolly brown mare :( ..... )
Was finally sunny on Sat so I grabbed the chance to go riding across the creek & up the hill .
She really likes the bush rides - I think she just loves the open spaces .
Tom has built us a few new obstacles to play with so that keeps her mind busy . She seems to like new challenges .
That's about it for news this week .
Hoping for sunny days to dry out the slippery saturated ground so we can do some serious riding .
Happy Trails till next week folks .
L & Ella

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