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Linda and Ella - Week 15

Well I must admit I'm starting to think in terms of Weeks till Equitana, rather than weeks gone !!!
Not long to go and I keep thinking of what Ella and I still need to do .
But we are just slowly working away, hopefully doing all the little things well .
We went into town to the showground to work during the week as it's been so boggy and slippery here. That was a good change of scenery for her, and a short trip rather than the several hours she usually has . We were also able to do some gate practice while there .
Then another day we got to ride up to some friends place and help move some cattle into new paddocks . It was Ella's first time with stock and she went really well. Up and down some steep hills and down and across creeks - she's a sturdy sure footed little thing and carrying a rider is no effort to her .
She quickly learned that putting the cattle into a mob and moving them along was the name of the game .
Again we were able to practice our gate skills, she is really learning that fast . We had started doing the basics for gates some weeks ago but have not actually been opening and closing them, so that was great to put our basics into practice .
Then today we actually dragged the bag of cans while riding . We have done heaps while leading so it was no different doing it from her back , & then I carried the bag - maybe if she's becomes a mustering horse she will need to carry a baby calf that's too tired to walk :)
Other bits n pieces we do - the rocking bridge , little jumps , poles on ground , around drums.
Ella was not liking the bit being put into her mouth , so we have reached an agreement - a little bit of honey or olive oil on bit makes it acceptable . This is not a pony to ride rough shod over , she operates much sweeter if it's a working agreement - a Win / Win deal .
I have tried to add a new supplement to her very basic feed - nope sorry I shall not be eating that. So even tho she is very fond of food she will not compromise .
Ella is an interesting little horse , very strong willed , tho tries to please , but will not sacrifice her soul .
I hope she finds a home where her unique personality and abilities are appreciated .
This week I'm looking at taking Ella swimming in the creek if it's not up & flooding : and hopefully get to lead other horses off her as well .

Till next week
Happy Trails .

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