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Linda and Ella - Week 16

Well we have not got any outstanding news this week, tho it has probably been the sunniest week we have had for a long while .
Went into the showground in town again to ride , so that gives Ella a change of scenery , some float loading, and some good gates to open and close .
We also got to go and do another morning of stock work which both Ella and I thoroughly enjoyed .
I am actually really excited because Ella 'watches' cattle , and to my great amazement was starting to step around and turn on them :) ...... Good stuff .
I have lunged Ella over some poles and small jumps , so decided I really need to ride her over the jumps - she was a bit stunned I think , or maybe she just had little faith I my balance ;) But all went well.
Today was a beautiful warm sunny day so I decided to see if Ella likes swimming . I have had her in and thru the creek numerous times but not in the deep pools . So off we went , all went well till we got to the swimming depth - Let's just say Ella does not swim high in the water !!!!! Most horses can swim ( tho I have owned one that couldn't) Some horses swim high and smooth , others are not so natural - I hope I can convince Ella that swimming is fun , because it is fun and enjoyable , for most humans and horses too . Ella is not convinced of this just yet :)
So till next week folks ,
Happy Trails,
Ella n Linda

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