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Linda and Ella - Week 17

This week we have just been going over the basics, making sure all the groundwork and foundations are solid .
Ella still holds some fears around vehicles - mostly parked more so than moving - so we have been trying to work thru that one .
This week a lovely young friend who does trick riding and liberty training ( as well as clinics, and Campdrafting , and breaking and training) came to visit and showed me how she starts her liberty training . Ella was a great student. Was really good to have someone else work and also ride Ella, was interesting to watch.
Then today we headed off to Scone SJ Club practice day.
This was my first venture with this club and I was feeling a little bit redneck with my stock saddle and My Lill Pony- but 2 clear rounds of 50cm ( got to start somewhere!!!) later and Little Ella had some admirers . Very pleased how she went. As usual no pics :(
So this week we will just keep building on softness and responsiveness, and hopefully find a new adventure to try.
Till next week, happy trails .
Ella and Linda

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