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Linda and Ella - Week 18

Well we have only had torrential rain for 2 days of the last week !!
Ella holds her footing really well in wet conditions and fetlock deep water. .........
Ahhhh I'm being sarcastic :)
Equitana Finals --- sorted --- I'm going to stick feathers all over Ella and have the Rubber Duckie song, and just paddle around ..... Oh I'm being sarcastic again ...... Oops !!!!
Anyway not a lot of riding this week, some rides along the road, but very boggy and not a lot of fun unfortunately.
We have got new shoes tho as riding on the gravel roads are a bit hard on the soft hooves . I had hoped to not shoe her but being tender footed isn't fun - for Ella or I :) Ella was good but not as relaxed for the shoeing as I had hoped. Even tho I have done a lot of feet handling she was a bit hawky of someone banging shoes on. Farrier was very patient and it was not a big deal.
I had planned to spend the weekend at a local Campdraft but it was cancelled due to the rain.
Soooo I need to get creative this week and find some new and exciting places to go.
We have worked on some obstacles, just hanging out, noisy machines, leading from vehicle, electric clippers, (OHHHH WILL WE KEEP THE FEATHERS????)
Ella is getting much more relaxed with strangers so that's awesome.
Wish I lived closer to my grand kids so Ella could get exposure to children riding her- I reckon she's ready for small people.
So folks , that's about it for this week.
Happy Trails
Linda & Ella
PS - make sure you fill in bidders application ( see VBA page ) . It would be a bugger to get to ABC & Equitana Auction and see an awesome Brumby that you just cannot live without and not have your bidding approval sorted.
Cheers :)

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