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Linda and Ella - Week 19

Just in case you aren't counting - IT'S 2 1/2 weeks till Equitana starts !!!
Well we have had a reasonably quiet week , just going over the basics , doing our little obstacles , chilling. I am just trying to keep it low key as I tend to overdo things, and I really don't want to over pressure Ella. Maybe that will mean she will actually be a bit under done - but so be it .
I am really happy where she is at .
On Saturday ( yesterday ) I took her to a Campdraft just to give her an outing. Loudspeakers ,whip, cattle, horses racing around, prams and kids ; she was attentive but coped really well with all the activity. I took her out in the arena to turn out the used beast after each run and it took her just 3 runs to catch on that when the whip cracks we go out & collect the beast .
So I changed the game and just sat around for awhile . Smart lill pony .
Hopefully at the end of next week we will be off on an awesome adventure for about 5 or 6 days - but more about that next week .
Happy Trails :)

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