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Linda and Ella - Week 20

Well Miss Ella had a taste of packing this week .
She was not totally impressed - I think she believes she is above being a common pack horse :)
But we got to do suicidal stuff like walk along the verge of main roads while vehicles whizz by without slowing or moving over , in fact I am not sure some drivers even register that there are horses and people just a few feet away !
But we survived , Ella does not particularly like vehicles so this was a big stretch for her and she did really well . We also got to cross a few decent size bridges, so that was a first .
Also this week I have led her a few more times out of the vehicle and she's really calm with that now .
She's still a bit hot n cold with the float , sometimes she is fine, other times she would rather walk Thanks !
Ella is finally getting comfortable to have other people handle her which I am really excited about .
This week will just be calm rides , basics, repeating all the stuff we have been doing .
Cheers till next week :) L

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