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Linda and Ella – Week 3

So one week since we collected Ella.

 It was a long trip back as the fog was so thick during the night we had to stop till morning.     She has  settled in well.   I have been working her pretty slow,   getting her to walk, trot, stop and turn in towards me, which she does very well.

I have introduced tarps on the ground, and today, a beach ball. She is an inquisitive little mare, tho very protective of her personal space. Hence I have not yet got her haltered. Each day she is being more confident having me closer to her.

This week I will be working on getting her haltered and comfortable with being handled.

I have to keep reminding myself not to be concerned about where the other trainers are up to with their brumbies.    Also I will be very  keen to have the equine dentist check her so we have an idea how old she is.   She has just today decided that she does not mind rolled barley,  and early in the week she was very happy to be offered lucurne hay – definitely her favourite. 

 Interestingly she eats (chews) well and does not spill feed—it will be very interesting to find out how her teeth are.

Till next week, Happy Training. 


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