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Linda and Ella - Week 4

It’s hard to believe it’s only 2 weeks since we collected Ella. 

She is progressing quietly, tho is still very protective of her space, and dislikes anything touching her legs.

She is getting used to everyday noises and is gradually becoming less suspicious of strangers after having 3 noisy children visit this week. Was a great experience for her. --- Tho I am not sure she thought so at the time.

The inquisitive side of  her  has shone through in succeeding to unlatch the gate between the 2 yards, so tonight I have left her with an obstacle course through the open gate way—can’t wait to see which yard she chooses.

Again this week we have been doing change of pace and direction softly, she is very focused and responsive, and becoming more trusting and confident every day.

 I am enjoying the liberty play we have achieved, she is such a clever mare.

She had a day off yesterday and it did her good. She was so calm and soft today- we all need rest days ;)

This week I am aiming to do more work on getting her comfortable around having her legs touched, and hopefully an adventure out of the yards.

Limited pics, as it’s difficult to get new and interesting photos when working on ones own.

Until next week,

Happy Trails Folks


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