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Linda and Ella - Week 5

Well it has been a mixed week, lots of lovely rain and a few sunny days tho my 2 yards are totally waterlogged.   Ella has progressed and I finally have her haltered- she is very protective of her space and this has been a milestone. 

This week I have done lots of desensitising, disengage hindquarters,  moving  shoulders across, and leading.  She is pretty cool leading past moving objects, through gateways, and around obstacles.

She is a very inquisitive mare but her flight mode has been on high alert, so having her become more comfortable around new and moving things is awesome.

Today was also a milestone as I was able to have her calmly lift a front foot. Until now anything touching her legs or feet was very stressful for her, So again, progress!!!!!

This week I will just be continuing to get her more comfortable with having more contact, more feet handling, leading further afield and maybe a drench.

I am looking at putting her out with my horses into a small grassy arena size paddock in the next few days--- they have had contact over the yard fence and all seems well. I had started giving her some steam rolled barley with lucurne chaff but I think it was not doing her digestion any good, so I have gone back to just the lucurne hay.

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